Sharon Osbourne stands by her comments about Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies


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Sharon Osbourne could take into consideration Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies are now not an expression of feminism, but she doesn’t objectively indulge in a scenario with them.

“It’s now not about what she does alongside with her possess body. No criticizing someone for what they brand with their very possess body, extra vitality to her,” she clarified for the length of a Fb Are living interview with EW on Wednesday. “But I don’t mediate that you may flip spherical and train, ‘I’m a feminist.’ I don’t mediate what she does equals feminism. Move, she’s executed it on her possess; certain, she doesn’t rely on a man for her living — but I don’t mediate on story of you bare your body that makes you a feminist.”

Osbourne bought blended reactions to the harsh words she had for Kardashian in an interview with The Telegraph. “If Kim desires to hiss off her body, beautiful. But that’s now not feminism, that’s being a ho,” Osbourne had stated. “And there’s nothing tainted with being a ho, but repeatedly take note what you are.”

The daylight hours focus on hiss host extra clarified that her hiss with the nude selfies stems extra from her concerns about the messages it send to Kardashian’s possess followers (alongside with Kardashian’s notorious sex tape that helped propel her to popularity).

Cohost Sheryl Underwood echoed these thoughts, announcing, “While Kim is a genius businesswoman, she has a lot of younger girls following her and what example would that be if all these younger girls thought, Effectively here’s the come I’m going to create it… There’s a lot of ladies out there who aren’t going to create it and are going to be taken just correct thing about.”

“It’s so highly sexualized it takes the psychological nature out of Kim Kardashian succeeding on story of she’s an awfully intellectual lady, but even as you lead with nudity then it’s sexualized and that’s what folks mediate of you,” Underwood added.

Kardashian posted but another NSFW selfie on Tuesday, which many felt used to be a clap back to Osbourne’s comments. Osbourne, nonetheless, disagrees — “Why ought to composed she care what someone says about her? She’s riding excessive.”

Stare the video above for added from the girls of The Talk. 

—With reporting from Gerrad Hall

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