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Oxipng is a multithreaded lossless PNG compression optimizer. It’s miles going to even be used by a say-line
interface or as a library in other Rust functions.

Inserting in

Oxipng will also be downloaded from the Releases hyperlink on the GitHub online page.
Windows customers will must silent be particular that they absorb got the Visible C++ 2015 Runtime set in.

Oxipng will also be set in from Cargo, by the following say:

cargo set up oxipng

Alternatively, oxipng will also be built from provide the use of presumably the most modern steady or nightly Rust:

git clone https://github.com/shssoichiro/oxipng.git
cd oxipng
cargo tag --commence
cp aim/commence/oxipng /usr/local/bin

The original minimal supported Rust model is 1.19.zero. Oxipng may perchance possibly presumably moreover unbiased bring together on earlier variations of Rust,
however there may perchance be not any guarantee.

Oxipng follows Semantic Versioning.


Oxipng is a say-line utility. Total utilization looks such as the following:

oxipng -o four -i 1 --strip devoted *.png

Essentially the most in most cases used alternatives are as follows:

  • Optimization: -o 1 by -o 6, decrease is faster, elevated is extra healthy compression.
    The default (-o 2) is sufficiently rapid on a most modern CPU and offers 30-50% compression
    features over an unoptimized PNG. -o four is 6 occasions slower than -o 2 however can present 5-10%
    extra compression over -o 2. The use of any environment elevated than -o four is no longer going
    to give any extra compression features and is no longer suggested.
  • Interlacing: -i 1 will enable Adam7
    PNG interlacing on any pictures which can perchance presumably moreover be processed. -i zero will score away interlacing from all
    processed pictures. Not specifying either will retain the same interlacing tell because the
    input image. Gift: Interlacing can add 25-50% to the dimensions of an optimized image. Ideal use
    it whenever you obtain the advantages outweight the costs to your use case.
  • Strip: Aged to score away metadata files from processed pictures. Aged by --strip [safe,all].
    Can assign a pair of kilobytes whenever you don’t want the metadata. “Protected” removes most spirited metadata that
    may perchance possibly presumably moreover no longer ever absorb an tag on rendering of the image. “All” removes all metadata that is no longer serious
    to the image. You would moreover moreover pass a comma-separated list of notify metadata chunks to score away.
    -s will also be used as a shorthand for --strip devoted.

More developed alternatives will also be stumbled on by operating oxipng -h.

Library Usage

Even supposing first and indispensable intended to be used as an executable, oxipng will also be used as a library in
other Rust initiatives. To attain so, merely add oxipng as a dependency on your Cargo.toml,
then extern crate oxipng on your venture. You have to silent then absorb access to all of the library
functions documented here. Essentially the most spirited
map of utilization contains constructing an
Suggestions struct and
passing it, alongside with an input filename, into the
optimize characteristic.


Oxipng began as a entire rewrite of the OptiPNG venture,
which was once assumed to be lifeless as no commit had been made to it since March 2014.
The title has been modified to defend a long way from confusion and attainable friendly disorders.

The core aim of rewriting OptiPNG was once to place in power multithreading,
which can perchance presumably presumably be very strong to attain steady by the fresh C codebase of OptiPNG.
This also served as a probability to obtain a extra up-to-the-minute, safer language (Rust).


Any contributions are welcome and will be permitted by pull seek files from on GitHub. Worm experiences will also be
filed by GitHub disorders. Please consist of as many information as doable. Within the event you absorb the aptitude
to post a fix with the malicious program list, it’s a long way preferred that you just attain so by pull seek files from,
nonetheless you attain no longer must silent be a Rust developer to contribute.
Other contributions (such as improving documentation or translations) are also welcome by GitHub.


Oxipng is open-provide software program, dispensed under the MIT license.

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