Sizzling Tonga flag bearer goes shirtless again for the Olympics — this time in freezing temps

Sizzling Tonga flag bearer goes shirtless again for the Olympics — this time in freezing temps

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All individuals’s accepted hunky Tongan is support — and no topic the frigid temperatures, Pita Taufatofua is shirtless once again.

The 34-year-former Polynesian athlete was support in all his oily glory at the outlet ceremony of the twenty third Chilly climate Olympics as the groups entered the big stadium for the Parade of Nations, once again carrying the flag for Tonga.

Carrying a dilapidated outfit from his nation, the athlete was once again greased up and sans top as he proudly hoisted his nation’s flag.

Taufatofua jumpy the field in 2016 when he revealed that he would give taekwondo a leisure and desire up immoral-nation snowboarding to compete in the Chilly climate Games.

“I wanna present other folks that aren’t into sport or are having struggles of their lifestyles, that they’ll set up one thing entirely new, entirely out of their consolation zone, and revel in that trot and bag someplace with it,” he beforehand informed PEOPLE.

“I’ve set up on the skis for four minutes, three minutes, dazzling for a number of the click free up and that create of thing, however I’ve by no blueprint in actuality set up skis on in my lifestyles!”

Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom made up of around a hundred and seventy islands, is identified for his or her sturdy rugby team — however Taufatofua acknowledged he knows he can create a fame for himself in snowboarding.

“If I streak into practicing, doesn’t topic what sport, the mentality will continuously be to practice as if I’m chasing down that gold medal,” he outlined.

“Of us sing, ‘Man you’re loopy!’ It’s esteem yeah, I am, however that you may per chance furthermore be loopy and you may per chance well well attain as successfully. And that’s what I are attempting to expose other folks. I want them to come support on the trot, and I want them to be an ingredient of this as successfully.

“However create no mistake, I’m going to be hunting down that gold medal!”

Taufatofua first caught the field’s consideration at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro when he carried his nation’s flag shirtless, entirely oiled up and rocking a shell necklace.

The athlete started a GoFundMe online page to elevate money for ski equipment and trot expenses.

The 2018 Chilly climate Olympics are airing dwell on NBC. To be taught more, visit teamusa.org.

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