Spoiler Room: Scoop on ‘Gray’s Anatomy,’ ‘Blacklist,’ ‘Supergirl’ and more

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Desire scoop to your common shows? Then approach hand round within the Spoiler Room, the place I strive to satiate your wish to uncover what’s creating on TV. Ought to that you just may presumably very successfully be looking out to be pleased spoilers on a particular present, ship Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

Carry out what’s next for Meredith after Nathan’s exit on Gray’s Anatomy? — Marciella
It doesn’t sound delight in the present will necessarily be speeding to present her a brand new treasure ardour. “Meredith Gray is a in actuality advanced character who had the treasure of her existence, and that particular person died,” EP Shonda Rhimes says. “I don’t know that for her that account romance is exactly what she’s procuring for next. I specialise in it may possibly approach when she least expects it, nevertheless I don’t specialise in that’s what she’s procuring for next. I roughly subscribe to the premise that a girl must be procuring for one thing else, mainly one thing for herself, as in opposition to basing all the pieces in a man. I specialise in we’re looking out at her develop and evolve.”

Please give me hope about Tom’s destiny on The Blacklist. — Garrison
Following Tom’s abduction by new colossal execrable Ian Garvey, the present will eventually catch up to that grim premiere flash forward, in which Tom seems to die at the hands of Red over the contents of that mysterious suitcase. “We are on a collision direction with that moment,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says, promising that the fall finale will definitively respond whether or not Tom survives. “Tom will get as shut as somebody has gotten to unlocking the deeper mythology of the present, [but] Red is provocative to drag to the end of the earth and help to position these bones help within the bottom.”

Andrew Kreisberg hinted there’s a future fun hook up for Alex on Supergirl. Any scoop on that? — Marah
It’s possibly not what you’re looking ahead to, nevertheless it’s one thing I previously thought would be fun — if that provides you any hints. “There’s going to be — I can’t issue relationship and even a romance — nevertheless Alex is going to be pleased a fun interplay within the upcoming episodes that’s funny and sweet, nevertheless additionally speaks to the Maggie record, which we delight in,” EP Andrew Kreisberg teases.

I’ve been on pins and needles since Dr. Charles become shot on the season finale of Chicago Med! Is he going to make it? — Charlotte
Now, what fun would or not it is if I answered that outright? Nonetheless what I can speak you is that you just’ll be pleased your respond at some level of the first few minutes of the season premiere, and you then’ll get a time leap several months forward and beautiful into the thick of Jack Kellogg’s trial (full with a customer appearance from Chicago Justice‘s Philip Winchester). I’m guessing you additionally spent the hiatus with just a few questions about romantic relationships on this present. Neatly, seek data from some colossal, swoon-helpful answers there, too.

Something on the Supernatural bolt-off? — Alex
All of us know Wayward Sisters is going to be region in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which shouldn’t approach as a surprise seeing as how that’s the place Jody Mills lives with Alex (and Claire when she’s house), and the place Jody has a job. Nonetheless that’s not the ideal cause the bolt-off will be localized to that city. “They confirmed us a in actuality enormous cause as to why that is taking place,” big title Kim Rhodes says of the place. “It doesn’t appropriate occur to be in Sioux Falls. There’s definitely a cause.” And what be pleased that you just may presumably very successfully be looking out to wish to wager it’s a supernatural cause?

What can you tease for Zelena’s return to Once Upon a Time? — Oliver
Hmm, let’s issue you’ll first peek her in a remark that’s very surprising. Nonetheless the cause she returns is a lot much less so. “In cases of crisis, you attain out for family,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “Regina’s going to need her sister creating.” Adds EP Adam Horowitz: “It’s about the strength of the sisters. That relationship becomes front and heart and fully main.”

Now that we’ve met Ralph Dibny on The Flash, will we meet Sue? — Alicia
His well-liked comic e book treasure ardour may appear on the present, nevertheless you’ll wish to be patient. “We are looking out to wait to get to snatch Ralph and utilize Ralph the place he’s sooner than he meets Sue,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “Ralph and Sue are endgame, as the younger persons are looking out to claim, so that you just don’t are looking out to bring her in too soon. Nonetheless that’s definitely in our notion. No longer for this 365 days, nevertheless we’ll peek.”

In this week’s episode of The Proficient, Dr. Campbell started working with Agent Turner. Something that you just may presumably tease now about why he’s so within the Strucker younger people? — Anthony
Neatly, when you occur to’ve read the comics, you possibly already be pleased an inkling about what’s occurring with Campbell & Co. For all people else, big title Natalie Alyn Lind can provide a little clue: “Our characters are Struckers, and when you occur to’re an X-Males fan, you then’re possibly conversant in the Strucker twins,” she says. “Our characters delivery dabbling a exiguous bit bit in that, and that’s definitely going to develop over the remainder of the season.” In other phrases, seek data from to imprint Lauren and Andy combining their powers increasingly over the next episodes, and for Campbell to be very in what that approach.

Any say time sessions we’ll peek this season on Legends of The following day? — Dhara
Subsequent week, the group ventures to 1930s Hollywood, the place they sinister paths with a time-displaced Helen of Troy, who “renders all of our guys useless,” says EP Phil Klemmer, who additionally teases that we’ll soon peek a no-time-duration episode. “We blow thru our manufacturing money and then some with our crossover, so it’s the infamous bottle [episode], which continuously turns out to be enormous, nevertheless it’s additionally pushed by, ‘How be pleased we be pleased it all on our standing sets for as cheaply as imaginable?” Fellow EP Marc Guggenheim likens the episode to Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology‘s “Trigger and Form” hour. “It’s our Groundhog Day episode, nevertheless [Zari] is at the middle of it,” Guggenheim says.

What’s creating on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Misa
Terry and Jake dip help into the SkyFire world when Terry’s common author DC Parlov (customer big title Fred Melamed) has his manuscript stolen. Nonetheless this time, Jake is now enormous into Skyfire, as he read the full sequence in jail, so he and Terry will geek out over it. Decide Huebel additionally customer stars within the episode as a competing author, so I’m guessing he’ll be the high suspect.

This week in TV: I be pleased watched Gray’s Anatomy since the pilot episode, nevertheless wow, most continuously I disregard how exiguous one-faced all of them be pleased been.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Don’t disregard to tweet your Qs to @NatalieAbrams.

Extra reporting by Breanne L. Heldman, Samantha Highfill, Shirley Li, Dan Snierson, and Abby Stern.

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