Stargate: Origins photographs tease Catherine Langford’s origin story

Stargate: Origins photographs tease Catherine Langford’s origin story

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Catherine Langford, the young daughter of Professor Langford seen in Roland Emmerich’s Stargate film, is getting her own origin story with Stargate: Origins. EW has a put apart of distinctive new photographs from the upcoming sequence — put apart to debut this Thursday on Stargate Expose — and already our heroine (played by Ellie Gall) is getting herself into dicey eventualities.

Origins takes put in the year 1939, which is practically a decade after Professor Langford came upon the Stargate in the Egyptian barren pickle. With battle looming over Europe, a Nazi occultist, Dr. Wilhelm Brücke (Aylam Orian), approaches the Langfords with a diabolical goal that leads Catherine on a stride with two soldiers to save her father and the sphere.

Gall is joined by Philip Alexander as Captain James Beal of the British army and Shvan Aladdin as James’s brother-in-arms, Wasif. All three salvage into rather bother after they fetch themselves surrounded by hostiles.

Gall also takes fans on a tour of Catherine’s room on put apart of the production in a video (above). The actress aspects out a range of trinkets you’ll put apart in the sequence, at the side of sunless-and-white photographs lining her the enjoy on Catherine’s self-esteem. (One used to be an “accident,” Gall says.)

Too scurry Alexander crashes the video tour.

Origins used to be created solely for Stargate Expose, a brand new digital streaming platform and the self-pegged fundamental source for Stargate fans. Moreover as to the brand new 10-phase sequence, customers can search for all episodes of Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Universe, Stargate: Atlantis, the film Stargate, Stargate: The Ark of Fact, and Stargate: Continuum — plus video extras.

Connor Trinneer portrays Professor Langford, and he’s joined by Salome Azizi, Daniel Rashid, Sarah Navratil, Tonatiuh Elizarraraz, Derek Chariton, Justin Michael Terry, and Lincoln Werner Hoppe.

Though, there are unruffled mysteries to be uncovered. Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, for one, performs a mysterious yellow-eyed villain (above).

Stargate: Origins used to be written by Worth Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry, and directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan.

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