Stephen Colbert flashes Nazi salute to Trump


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Stephen Colbert laid into President Donald Trump and his worn consultant Steve Bannon on Thursday’s episode of The Lifeless Hiss, jokingly throwing up a Nazi salute to the president within the job.

“This Sunday, Bannon’s making his first post-White House appearance honest here on CBS — and surprisingly, it’s miles now no longer as a corpse on NCIS,” Colbert acknowledged of Bannon, who will appear on 60 Minutes this weekend. “‘How lengthy turned into this guy floating within the harbor?’”

One day of his interview, Bannon defended Trump’s feedback within the wake of the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist violence, which had been condemned on myth of Trump blaming “either facet” for the lethal clashes.

“By the manner, after the Charlottesville jam, that’s what I instructed [White House Chief of Staff] Customary [John] Kelly, I turned into the completely guy that came out and tried to shield him,” Bannon acknowledged. “I turned into the completely guy that acknowledged, ‘He’s talking about one thing, taking it as a lot as a larger stage.’ Where does all of it slouch? Where does this pause? Does it pause — does it pause in taking down the Washington Monument?”

On The Lifeless Hiss, Colbert played a clip from that half of the interview, stopping to highlight Bannon’s hiss that Trump is “taking it up a larger stage.”

“He’s positively taking it to a larger stage. I’d inform his enhance is honest up there,” Colbert joked, elevating his hand as a lot as repeat the Nazi salute. (See Colbert within the video above starting on the 4:40 trace.)

Colbert has attacked Trump for the duration of his presidency and has previously extinct Nazi iconography to mock the president. Support in 2016, sooner than Trump turned into even elected, Colbert drew a swastika to joke about Trump’s response to the Orlando, Florida bloodbath at a homosexual nightclub that left forty 9 wearisome.

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