‘Survivor’: Ryan explains all in odd merge interview

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Whether or no longer it has been discovering a secret motivate, making a secret alliance, or secretly blindsiding a fellow Hustler after the tribe-swap, 23-yr-aged Ryan Ulrich has been on the guts of plenty of the circulate that has taken assign on Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers this season.

As the recreation enters its subsequent big allotment with the merge on Wednesday evening, we were in a feature to use up with Ryan for an odd mid-recreation Q&A to receive his ideas on the total lot that had long gone down to this point. Learn on as he explains the pondering within the abet of all his most tantalizing strikes and shares the backstory on that purple turtleneck. No longer only that, but now we like some odd novel merge photos as well, so feast on those!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What used to be the feeling admire colorful you had made it to the merge and that allotment of the recreation?
Survivor is an emotional recreation and every moment on I had on Survivor used to be special. Making the merge is a milestone and any participant who makes it to that point within the recreation has done something precisely. I believe all americans has doubts about themselves going in, and all americans fears going early. I went to 4 Tribal Councils pre-merge so I couldn’t take into accout that I was in a feature to fight thru it and receive it to really apt one of the most obliging moments a participant can like within the recreation. I was simply jubilant, I couldn’t assign that merge buff on rapid ample. Arms down, really apt one of the most obliging moments of my existence.

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We saw you capability Devon very early on to receive an alliance with him. Why Devon?
Without quiz, Devon is mainly really apt one of the most obliging all-around folks I like ever detect. He possesses this kind of caring nature and spirit, which is rooted in compassion and selflessness. He would in no map tell anything else admire that about himself due to he is this kind of humble kid, but I cannot commend him ample.

After I was within the hunt for the motivate one day of the marooning, Devon made the choice to straight away jump overboard for the tribe so other Hustlers can even throw him gives and meals so he can even assign them into our boat. At camp, he used to be simply mammoth to be around. Devon and I lead a quantity of lives, but we chanced on so powerful frequent floor in talking about tune, our households, and we made every other snicker so powerful. I’m the next person for colorful Devon, and I’m sure that feeling is ubiquitous for of us after Devon has played a allotment of their existence.

Over the closing two votes, you in fact selected Chrissy over Ali. What in your ogle within the intervening time made her the upper person with which to trot forward?
Ali is an unimaginable person and a savvy participant. She is incredibly well rounded, and he or she has so many attributes and qualities which she can depend on within the recreation. Alternatively, Devon and I didn’t fully have confidence Ali. On day eight, the Tribal [where] Patrick went home, myself and Devon went to Patrick and proposed balloting off Ali, but Patrick refused and used to be adamant on balloting out Lauren, which Devon and I in no map in fact regarded as doing. So we crop abet our losses and voted out Patrick.

With that being acknowledged, if there may maybe be never any such thing as a neat idol, I A hundred%, undoubtedly, vote out Chrissy and then Roark, and trot to the merge with Ali and JP. I would like had zero reason to facet with Chrissy and I would like persisted to assemble have confidence with Ali. I simply selected to protect Chrissy due to I knew that being the one to start an alliance is healthier than having an alliance started for you. I was the one who decided to give Chrissy the neat idol, I was the one who decided to put Chrissy when she got two votes on the principle Soko Tribal Council. I had told Devon about the idol on day 2 and won his have confidence, and I gave the neat idol to Chrissy on day Three and won her have confidence. So I viewed myself as being the particular person that damaged-down a tool to endear two of us to me in hopes that they would remain precise.

Robert Voets/CBS

What used to be your handiest trot within the pre-merge stage of the recreation?
I knew that the Shipshape Immunity Idol used to be going to lose energy after the principle Tribal Council, so I wished to be proactive and create a bond with somebody on my tribe. I felt admire guaranteeing to somebody that they would not be the principle boot used to be highly tremendous, and I had nothing to lose due to it used to be both going to head away to somebody else or lose energy. The worst-case scenario I ran thru my head used to be if I didn’t create a bond with somebody on my tribe, and then the person I gave it to used to be voted out at a later Tribal sooner than I receive the possibility to meet them.

I wished to maximise the use of this motivate, so I tangibly showed Devon that he can even have confidence me and that I wished to work with him. By strategy of who to give it to, I wished to give it to somebody who I didn’t think used to be on the underside, and I will even align with at a future date — that person used to be Chrissy. I got lucky that Chrissy and I finished up on the linked swapped tribe and I won Chrissy’s have confidence by explaining why I gave her the idol and the circulate showed her that she can even have confidence me. I went to 4 Tribals pre-merge, voted precisely in every person, and didn’t receive a single vote solid in opposition to me — I was proud of that.

What used to be your worst trot within the pre-merge stage of the recreation?
I believe of us would pinpoint to me leaving Ali out of the Roark vote, but I wouldn’t. I didn’t are eager to flee the likelihood of Ali telling Roark, and leaving the different of Roark, who’s incredibly though-provoking, attempting to flip the vote on me. I even went up to Ali and floated the premise of balloting out JP, but I straight away got shut down. I believe Ali wanted to head with the Healers, she wanted those numbers and to receive in with Desi, Jessica, and Roark. I believe that’s a mammoth opinion for Ali, simply no longer a mammoth opinion for me. Furthermore, I idea that if I included Ali and it used to be myself, JP, and Chrissy, then Chrissy can even target me with JP and Ali, and ship me out of the recreation with her pondering being that now nobody knows about the Shipshape Idol being flawed.

I wished Chrissy to tangibly explore that Ali wanted her out of the recreation, by Ali writing Chrissy’s name down. I wished Chrissy and JP to know that Ali used to be in opposition to them, and that don’t need been viewed to them if Ali had been included on the Roark vote. The thing that bothers me the most is that I left every Yawa and Soko with out the immunity idol. I regarded diligently for the Yawa idol, but I in no map got here at some stage within the clue that used to be painted on the abet of really apt one of the most trees. We swapped earlier than traditional, so I was upset that I left Yawa with the idol restful there. I’m 99 % sure there used to be an idol at Soko; Roark had told us that Joe had the idol and we were pretty sure he played it at that Levu tribal council. So I take into accout it returned to Soko seaside, nonetheless it used to be in no map chanced on.

Robert Voets/CBS

Sooner or later, raise out you in fact assign on purple turtlenecks abet in Original Jersey on a standard foundation?
I in fact admire wearing turtlenecks, but I no longer often assign on colours admire that. It’s funny, I didn’t own that particular person turtleneck for the prove. I had it for a while but in no map had former it. In some unspecified time in the future I was going out and I assign it on to position on. Sooner than I left, I regarded at myself within the mediate and took it off straight away, the coloration simply in fact didn’t appeal to me. I don’t usually assign on such brilliant colours, I love wearing neutral colours. A couple months later that used to be the one shirt I had and it is now really apt one of my most treasured possessions — unfamiliar how existence works.

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