Taylor Swift drops sexy new tune, ‘Ready For It’

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Teased all the way in which thru Saturday’s Florida Dispute vs. Alabama college football sport on ESPN, Taylor Swift’s “Ready For It” has formally arrived in paunchy.

Styled as “…Ready for It?” on her new album, Reputation, the tune is the sage’s lead-off music and makes a speciality of the beginnings of a romantic relationship (and the reputations and baggage that come before).

Sings an aggressive Swift in the tune’s opening verse, “Peek, he turned into as soon as a killer/ First time that I noticed him/ Wonder what number of ladies he had cherished and left fearful/ But when he’s a ghost then I can even moreover be a phantom/ Keeping him for ransom/ Some, some boys are attempting too laborious/ He gonna strive it all though/ Youthful than my exes nonetheless he act be pleased this kind of man, so?/ I explore nothing better, I elevate him eternally/ Take care of a vendetta…”

Later, she flips the narrative to issue about her appreciate fame and falling in admire as soon as more. “Knew I turned into as soon as a robber/ First time that he noticed me/ Stealing hearts and running off and never saying sorry/ But when I’m a thief then/ He can join the heist and/ We’ll toddle to an island/ and, and, he might per chance also moreover be my jailer/ ‘Why’d you impression this Taylor?’/ every admire I’ve identified when put next is a failure/ I neglect their names now/ I’m so very tame now/ never be the same now…”

Right here’s the refrain:

In the heart of the evening, in my dreams
You ought to aloof explore the issues we impression, child
In the heart of the evening in my dreams
I do know I’m gonna be with you
So I absorb end my time
In the heart of the evening
(Are you ready for it?)

Swift, 27, has been relationship actor Joe Alywn, 26.

As with “Peek What You Made Me Kind,” Swift’s lead single off Reputation, “…Ready for It?” is on hand on iTunes (as piece of a preorder for the sage, out Nov. 10), Spotify, YouTube, and a amount of streaming platforms.

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