The Blacklist boss previews ‘extremely emotional’ fall finale

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The Blacklist will at final grab up to that grim flash ahead within the autumn finale, thus definitively revealing Tom Fervent’s fate — and it doesn’t perceive lawful.

After Tom (Ryan Eggold) turn into abducted by contemporary mountainous harmful Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne) over the contents of that mysterious suitcase, Liz (Megan Boone) will stay at nothing to search out him for the length of Thursday’s episode of The Blacklist. “Tom will get as discontinuance as anyone has gotten to unlocking the deeper mythology of the repeat, [but] Crimson is sharp to head to the cease of the earth and abet to set these bones abet within the flooring,” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp tells EW. Read our paunchy interview with the Blacklist boss under.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that we’ve met this mountainous harmful pulling the strings, what are you able to tease of the autumn finale?
JON BOKENKAMP: This man, Ian Garvey, is by some means an extremely extremely efficient and harmful man with a mountainous attain. He has Tom is his custody and all he desires are the bones. By the cease of the [previous] episode, Tom has told Ian Garvey that he can give him Reddington. He’s on the total attempting to attach his life, begging for his life. He’s basically mendacity to Garvey by announcing he’s an ally of Crimson’s, and turn into monitoring down this suitcase for Crimson, and that he can bring Crimson to Ian Garvey. So now we’re in a assign the assign Tom’s attempting to weasel his formulation out of this reveal and attempting to end alive, and doubtlessly placing Crimson in unheard of hazard.

Ian appears to deem whoever controls the bones can have one thing over Crimson. Is that the suitable motive Ian desires them or is there a deeper connection there that you just could unveil?
I deem it’s doubtlessly each and each. The contents of the suitcase are devastating to Reddington. He obviously goes to significant lengths to bury this secret, set it abet within the flooring the assign it belongs, and to let or no longer it is misplaced to the sands of time. That mentioned, is there a bigger emotional hook or one thing more private to Reddington that he’s disturbed of as smartly? I deem so. As we gain into the abet half of of the season, we’ll detect more of what the bones signify and why they’re so damning to him. For the time being, the suitable thing that’s in point of fact significant to adore is that he’s sharp to head to the cease of the earth and abet to set these bones abet within the flooring.

Will we attain the flash ahead that we saw within the premiere, in which it appears Tom dies?
In our premiere episode of season 5, we saw on the very cease a in point of fact weird and wonderful dream-fancy impressionistic portray of Crimson standing over Tom and basically what perceived to be him capturing Tom. We are actually, in episode eight, finally going to take hold of up to that 2d, characterize exactly what came about in that 2d, and that is one thing we’ve been constructing in direction of all season. I deem it as an nearly haunted memory that this assign holds that we saw in episode 1, this thing, this premonition that’s going to happen. We are actually, as a result of Tom pursuing the suitcase when Crimson had told him no longer to, on a collision route with what we saw within the opening of the season.

Will you definitively whine whether Tom is indeed alive or deed within the autumn finale?
Yes, for obvious. It’s very keen. I deem we have a huge cliffhanger, and furthermore some in point of fact concrete resolution by formulation of what have these of us been up to? What did that pop on the initiating of the season mean? I deem we have a in point of fact outlandish and contemporary springboard that goes to ship us into the abet half of of the season in a in point of fact unexpected formulation. I’m in point of fact gay with this fall finale. It’s extremely emotional. It’s bought a huge tempo. It’s a freight put together. It’s a in point of fact urgent episode, and but on the same time, we have moments within it which could furthermore be true extremely emotional and in point of fact boil down to placing our predominant characters — the of us which could furthermore be the center of the repeat — in some huge moments together.

Will we gain some more facts within the autumn finale about whose bones these are?
Yes and no. I’ll whine this: Tom is de facto conserving Crimson’s secret in his fingers, and conserving — as Crimson feels — Crimson’s destiny in his fingers. He will get as discontinuance as anyone has gotten to unlocking the deeper mythology of the repeat. So we’re no longer answering the total lot for the viewers, but mountainous items fall into assign.

The rest you would furthermore tease about the autumn finale cliffhanger?
Our cliffhanger, as we switch ahead, is entirely unexpected. We discover Liz in a in point of fact outlandish and pretty assign. In a formulation, the repeat is thrown up within the air. As grand as we did this with Reddington in losing his empire — and he’s been clawing his formulation abet, attempting to establish who he’s without the total money and vitality, and has been on this route of self-discovery and attempting to make his formulation abet to the cease of basically the most wanted list — we discover Liz in that comparable popularity the assign she’s in an extremely prone assign. As is Reddington.

The Blacklist finale airs Wednesday at eight p.m. ET on NBC.

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