‘The Fearless Form’ boss talks addressing sexual assault in season 1 finale

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Spoiler alert: This put up contains jam small print from the season 1 finale of The Fearless Form.

Within the closing hour of The Fearless Form‘s first season, the demonstrate left viewers with a collection of cliffhangers — Jane left Scarlet! Kat left the country! Sutton… selected Richard? Though the sequence is but to rep picked up for a 2nd season, EW spoke with showrunner Sarah Watson regarding the season ender and what would advance next if the demonstrate had been to proceed on.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m drawn to the decision to deal with sexual assault in this finale. Modified into once there any explicit inspiration for that narrative?
SARAH WATSON: Within the first couple weeks within the writers’ room, we had talked loads about these characters and experiences that can even’ve formed them. Obviously most of the vital level of curiosity of the demonstrate is on the three ladies, however as we grew to changed into consideration to Jacqueline, we began talking about: “What would had been diverse to advance up as a young magazine author Two decades ago?” There became once loads more sexism then; it became once loads more no longer easy. I’m able to’t consider how the dialog grew to changed into to sexual assault, however we correct began talking about [how] it became once a time when it became once so a ways more unparalleled to advance forward with that more or much less thing because you had been almost punished for it. As we talked about that, we conception that is inclined to be a terribly though-provoking thing for Jacqueline’s personality, particularly because she is a girl who’s more guarded alongside with her emotions. It regarded as if it may fit alongside with her. We had been inspired by the narrative of the Columbia girl who carried her mattress — that became once very grand within the click after we had been talking about this. So I brought Melora [Hardin] in and I talked to her about it, and she felt like it became once such an excellent, vital narrative to relate. We conception it became once so though-provoking to demonstrate this other aspect of Jacqueline. She gifts as such an excellent, collectively girl and that’s why the Lift That Weight metaphor came forward also.

Provocative to Kat’s excellent decision. Why did you all in actuality feel like that became once a vital decision for her personality, and whilst you rep a season 2, what can even that suggest for her?
We don’t even know if we now contain a season 2, [so] we haven’t talked about what’s going to it suggest for her profession, what’s going to it suggest for the skill forward for Kadena. But we talked regarding the fact that Kat gifts like she has her s–t the most collectively of the three ladies. She’s the girl who has the exterior of, “I’m the valiant adventurous one who in actuality knows myself.” But we also talked regarding the fact that, deep down, she presumably knows herself the least and she’s presumably the most skittish to prefer dangers, so it felt in actuality vital to us that, in this finale, she does prefer a risk. She is a girl who I judge has had issues advance very without complications to her — profession, college — she comes from privilege, so what does it gape select to at closing invent that harmful, loopy decision for yourself that you just wishes to be making on your mid-twenties?

Phillippe Bosse/Freeform

After which you even contain Jane making the decision to crawl a ways from her dream for one thing that may be better for her for the time being…
And it’s astronomical refined, because you contain gotten this conception on your head of what your existence wishes to be, and Jane is that this young girl who’s had this imaginative and prescient of the direction that she wishes to be on, and then all true now she’s discovering that there’s this large huge world available. So we desired to invent the decision in actuality exhausting for her however but again, we desired to seem her invent the harsh decision. This finale became once all about making the no longer-accurate decisions.

But when there’s a season 2, she won’t be in a activity to correct hop within the style closet when her mates want her!
[Laughs] We’ll contaminated that motorway after we advance to it.

I loved that final look for between Sutton and Richard. For me, it felt like a spark of hope.
That’s precisely what it is. It’s a spark of hope. We went spherical and spherical and spherical on: Can contain to we look them kiss? Can contain to we no longer? We within the ruin determined we desired to provide the viewers a spark of hope, however we didn’t desire to invent it concrete because we desire to contain somewhere to transfer in season 2, God willing.

Talking of which, whilst you rep a season 2, live you contain gotten a thought of about a of the tales/factors you’d select to quilt?
We contain so many narrative ideas that we talked about doing that we by no methodology bought of challenge to entire, and characters that I desire to search out more. Season 1 became once clearly in actuality regarding the three ladies and the entire sequence will seemingly be, however I’d select to rep to know Alex better; I’d select to rep to know Richard better — correct deepening all these characters. I’d select to seem Jacqueline’s home existence a little bit of of more and likewise when she goes upstairs to the board. Those had been scenes we talked about loads however, correct for time, we by no methodology bought to transfer upstairs. That’s one thing I’d select to seem — what her profession appears to be like like and the challenges she faces. On narrative of this season became once all about establishing her as the rock, as the one who in actuality has it all collectively, which is one other motive why I believed it became once tall to entire this finale with giving a gape that there is more below Jacqueline, so that in season 2 we can proceed exploring that even deeper.

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