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One of my well-liked Batman: The Keen Assortment episodes is “Girl’s Night Out,” the season four half of hour that noticed Batgirl and Supergirl team as much as score on Livewire, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy. It became a relaxing episode of television that gave the ladies of the DCAU the highlight they deserved and did an exact little bit of fleshing out of the universe, too. Tonight’s episode of The Flash, which boasts a mini-crossover with Arrow as Felicity drops by, does something comparable. While The Flash couldn’t sideline the men fully like Batman: The Keen Assortment, it does place aside them in an equally relaxing facet place while Felicity, Iris, Cecile, and Caitlin put the day from the meta-of-the-week: Underground metahuman trafficker Amunet Dark (Katee Sackhoff).

This week, Iris and Barry are, to borrow Harry’s phrases, “getting inebriated with the identical gender to celebrate an broken-down institution.” In other phrases, it’s time for their bachelor and bachelorette events, and the latter is what brings Felicity to metropolis. Caitlin, who is in flight mode after the threatening message she bought last week, has made up our minds to sit down down down this one out and is making ready to hop on a airplane to interrupt out Amunet Dark, nonetheless a topped Iris and balloon-carrying Felicity persuade her to be a a part of them and Cecile in the relaxing.

Sadly, that relaxing hasty goes south when Amunet’s glass-eyed goon presentations up on the restaurant and interrupts the ladies’s champagne toast. Felicity hilarious assumes he’s a hideous stripper, nonetheless she’s hasty corrected when he demands that Caitlin reach with him. When Caitlin refuses, his glance falls out (as a replacement of his pants falling down, mighty to Felicity’s dismay) and a queer tentacle emerges from the outlet and starts attacking them. But the ladies war back. This minute brawl awakens Killer Frost, who sends the goon flying thru the restaurant’s window. “Ugh, I abhor crimson,” says Killer Frost in one of her many tall line readings.

As Felicity’s cheeky reference makes obvious, The Flash is steering into Killer Frost being the Hulk to Caitlin’s Bruce Banner. At any time when Killer Frost emerges, wintry hair and all, Caitlin takes a backseat of their mind. Iris over and over calls the guys for support with the agonize, nonetheless they’ll’t take care of up for the rationale that bouncer on the skeezy strip club Ralph took them to makes them flip over their phones. Killer Frost takes some pleasure in pointing out to the ladies that Caitlin became keeping secrets from them and became planning on fleeing. Despite Cecile’s understandable concerns about working with Killer Frost, Iris opts to stand by their teammate, so the ladies follow Killer Frost as she goes to meet with Amunet Dark.

Obviously, Killer Frost finds Amunet Dark chilling in a nightclub. Following the custom of other excessive-profile guest stars on The Flash, Sackhoff affords a deliciously hammy efficiency because the metahuman trafficker; she’s threateningly perky, like hearing that you’re her well-liked henchwoman doesn’t sound like an exact element. Killer Frost demands her freedom, nonetheless Amunet refuses to present it to her because she needs Killer Frost to support protect her most modern acquisition: the Weeper, a metahuman whose tears bear an addictive esteem drug that Amunet needs to sell, a.ok.a Amunet needs to present Central Metropolis its have Vertigo. Sooner than the two can originate combating, Iris interrupts the chat and pulls Killer Frost away.

After they return to S.T.A.R., Killer Frost explains that Caitlin obtained tousled with Amunet Dark when she went making an strive to search out something that will per chance support her relief her icier alter-ego in take a look at. In return for this abilities, Amunet made Caitlin change into her muscle. Upon studying this, Iris decides they be pleased got a responsibility to stay Amunet and put the Weeper, and she believes they’re extra than correct of dealing with this on their have (#Feminism is something that’s stated over and over for the duration of the episode). (NEXT: The boys be pleased a rough night)

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