The same murders, assorted investigations

Dabholkar 20Pansare 20Gauri 20Kalburgi
Dabholkar 20Pansare 20Gauri 20Kalburgi

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The success of the investigation into the break of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh now hinges on Karnataka police identifying the helmet-masked assailant captured by the CCTV camera at her dwelling. The modus operandi in Lankesh’s break is eerily such as that of Narendra Dabholkar (2013) in Pune, Govind Pansare (2015) in Kolhapur and M.M. Kalburgi (2015) in Dharwad.

“Two bike-borne assailants had been all for all four murders, the keep the pillion rider fired at the target. Cartridges learned at all four internet sites are 7.sixty 5 mm cartridges, fired from nation-made pistols,” pointed out a senior police legit who probed the Kalburgi break.

With the Karnataka government announcing a Special Investigating Team (SIT) for the probe, four assorted companies, including the CBI in one in all the conditions, are probing the four murders. This has raised questions as as to whether or no longer a co-ordinated effort will most likely be save apart into the masses of probes.

Whereas the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Karnataka police probing the Kalburgi case are yet to present any arrests, the CBI facing the Dabholkar case and Maharashtra SIT investigating the Govind Pansare case possess made arrests and filed fee sheets. The accused in every conditions are allegedly linked to Goa-based completely magnificent-soar Hindu radical neighborhood Sanatan Sanstha.


The SIT probing the break of Pansare arrested Sameer Vishnu Gaikwad from Sangli, an alleged Sanatan Sanstha activist in September 2015 and fee-sheeted him as one in all the assailants. Months later the CBI, investigating the Dabholkar case, arrested an ENT doctor Dr. Veerendra Tawde from Panvel in June 2016 for the break conspiracy. Dr. Tawde is a member of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, an alleged offshoot of the Sanatan Sanstha. The SIT that interrogated Dr. Tawde filed a supplementary fee sheet in November 2016 within the Pansare case making Dr. Tawde an accused, charging him with leading the conspiracy for Pansare’s break, thus linking the 2 murders to the same neighborhood.

In March 2017, the CBI launched a reward of ₹5 lakh for any files resulting within the arrest of two Sanatan Sanstha activists Vinay Pawar and Sarang Akolkar, who they inform are discontinuance mates of Dr. Tawde and all for the break of Dabholkar. Sarang Akolkar has been on the proceed ever since his name cropped up within the probe into the 2009 Goa blast case and has a Red Corner recognize issued against him since 2012. The CBI claims Vinay Pawar to be the assailant of Dabholkar and Sarang Akolkar, a key conspirator.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka CID probing the Kalburgi break case has been on the hunt for Rudra Patil, additionally an alleged Sanatan Sanstha member and a childhood pal of Sameer Gaikwad, the high accused within the Pansare break case and out on bail since June 2017. Rudra Patil has additionally been on the proceed after his name cropped up within the Goa blast case.

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