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SPOILER ALERT: Be taught on most attention-grabbing after searching at Sunday evening’s “Monsters” episode of The Strolling Tiresome.

War has casualties, and the Alexandria-Hilltop-Kingdom alliance on The Strolling Tiresome experienced its first expansive certainly one of many season on Sunday evening when Eric succumbed to final week’s gunshot hurt. Issues had been having a see better for the feeble Alexandria scout as he had an exit hurt, sufficient humor to shaggy dog story with Aaron, and energy to send his boyfriend help into battle. But after leaving an injured Eric slumped against a tree, Aaron returned later to construct up him shuffling off within the space as a walker.

We spoke to the actor who performed Eric, Jordan Woods-Robinson, about his heartbreaking closing episode. He shares many within the help of-the-scenes tidbits, including the which manner within the help of his closing line, and the undeniable fact that his closing scene used to be in truth on the beginning filmed with out him. Be taught by both pages to your entire interview.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how and when did you first learn about Eric’s untimely loss of life?
JORDAN WOODS-ROBINSON: I used to be fortunate sufficient to receive a basically heartfelt and intimate call from [showrunner Scott M. Gimple], and we talked for about Forty five minutes. He’s cherish, “Sadly, we contain got advance to the share of the story where Eric goes to be leaving us. And we build loads of thought into it and right here is how we are attempting to pause it.” He talked to me for a actually very long time and you accumulate the sense if you talk to Scott or anybody else that is also a inventive on the imprint that each and each decision they’ve is a fancy one, and each and each decision they intention is to repeat a mountainous story.

And so Scott educated me about the entire battle sequence. I used to be filming the major episode of the season when we talked, and he educated me what used to be going to advance up within the following episode and the blueprint in which we had been going to be combating on the satellite attach after which he educated me how it wasn’t going to be cherish it used to be within the comics, which I used to be so grateful for. Within the comics, if anybody hasn’t considered it, Ezekiel is completely telling the story about how this battle began after which you flip the page and it’s a plump-page image of Eric getting shot within the head and his head is flying by the air and Aaron is within the help of him shouting, after which Rick is completely there, asserting “We don’t contain time,” and they suitable sustain running, and that is it for Eric.

So I used to be basically happy that they had been basically focusing on the relationship for this, and from the moment that he began explaining it, I thought it used to be suitable stunning. I used to be suitable basically happy that their relationship used to be so crucial and in some methods the relationship is silent there.

Let’s focus on the evolution of Eric, because he on the beginning wanted no share in going to conflict with Negan. What pause you take into consideration within the ruin introduced on him to change his mind? Was as soon as it searching at his boyfriend getting beaten up one too again and again?
I mediate there are a pair varied issues. I mediate there used to be a expansive flip over when I seen sunless Sasha. She took that initiative and she sacrificed herself for the upper resplendent and she knew that it would no longer most attention-grabbing doubtlessly rob out Negan within the pinnacle of final season, but when nothing else it would rally the troops and it would accumulate all americans else in a jam where they might issue yes, we are able to fight help and we’re going so to fight help.

So Sasha’s dying for Eric used to be a expansive turning level, after which additionally suitable asserting yes, I’m going to fight alongside Aaron and I scurry to be there and it’s going to be laborious and it’s going to be refined. But right here is combating for the upper resplendent and there might be now not any such thing as a chance to end help and supply protection to — and basically at this level, there might be terribly miniature to end help and supply protection to. The story is outdoors the Alexandrian partitions, and we contain got to exit there and forge silent ground.

Let’s focus on that expansive scene between Eric and Aaron by the tree. Aaron is extra or less shedding it, and Eric is the one with the sense of humor and giving him a pep talk and within the ruin ordering him to construct up help to the fight. Show me how you and Ross Marquand approached that scene, because that’s a big one for both of you.
Yeah, and I mediate it suitable performed out beautifully. Matt Negrete wrote an enticing scene for us and [director] Greg Nicotero used to be there to connect all of it together. Voice about a team that you just’d like within the help of your help every time. With as far as Eric supporting Aaron, I’ve continuously considered that in Eric, and right here is a rough analogy, but I’ve continuously considered him because the major considerable other of the White Home.

Aaron is available on the battlefront making all these refined choices — you know, the president on this analogy — after which I’m there when he comes dwelling, when he feels beaten and when he’s utterly overwhelmed. I’m the one who’s there to give the love and be cherish, “You might pause this. You might pause this. You ought to pause this. Of us are relying on you.” And I’ve felt cherish that all the blueprint in which by your entire scope of my persona. And I’m so happy to envision that advance by so clearly on this closing scene.

There used to be one line in that scene that Ross and I had a insist solid thought of on the very discontinue when he says “I love you,” and Eric says, “I continuously had a hunch.” It’s a beautifully written line, and we got right here up with this story line that it used to be additionally our first change when when he did issue “I love you” for the major time years within the past, sooner than the apocalypse. We got right here up with the story that as soon as he said “I love you,” I said “I had a hunch.” And so by me asserting, “I continuously had a hunch” now, that is stronger than asserting I love you too. That’s deeper rooted.

It goes the entire technique to the underside of our relationship, which has surpassed all of the muck that we’ve long undergone. The realm has long gone to hell, but our relationship has been there and it has been stronger than either of us or something else else spherical us, and that line for us basically introduced every little thing help dwelling and said, “That is what it’s all about.”

Spicy noteworthy your entire scenes on the imprint had been with Ross. What used to be working with him cherish?
Oh, it used to be unpleasant. [Laughs] No, Ross is the sweetest. He’s so all of the manner down to earth and that’s a trait that’s thrown spherical moderately a lot, but he’s sweet in truth basically the most thoughtful, caring, listening, supportive particular person, perhaps certainly one of basically the most that I’ve ever met. It used to be humbling and it used to be very easy to love him and that’s something that we inquisitive about since our very first scene.

And our final scene used to be a mirror of the major scene of us — of assembly and certainly one of us being injured, and me having the moderately of comedic passive component of “every little thing’s k.” Ever since we had that first scene, we obtained together we said, “Glimpse, right here is this form of solid relationship and it’s so effectively written. We don’t basically must focal level on the love of this. We can focal level on the friendship. If we are truly chums, if we are truly companions and supporters of each other and contain one but any other’s help, that is where this couple is.” So it used to be very easy to be Ross’ buddy, and I silent rob into consideration him obviously a mountainous, mountainous, mountainous buddy.

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