There is never this kind of thing as a anti-incumbency in Gujarat as now we delight in delivered, says Deputy CM Nitinbhai Patel


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If BJP’s 22-year rule in Gujarat faces a scenario in the 2017 Assembly elections, it’s some distance as soon as in a while on tale of of the Hardik Patel-led Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) stressful reservation in jobs and tutorial institutions. Because the BJP tries to consume wait on its staunch supporters, Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitinbhai Patel speaks in the course of annoying campaigning in Mehsana.

The Patidar component or their enrage seems your greatest scenario. What’s your overview?

When the agitation began, there used to be extra fortify. But now we had been ready to handle the complications by initiating unusual schemes for non-reserved classes, including Patidars. As an illustration, when a boy or a lady who takes admission to a self-financing college or a government establishment, the Gujarat government pays 50% of the tutoring rate. It covers engineering or medical schools.

When a rural pupil stays in a hostel, the government now pays as much as ₹1,200 of the food invoice. From essential to Class 12 students, books and uniforms are given by the government. Earlier, these faded to be given to most productive students of SC and ST however now we delight in finished away with the admire.

After Congress leader Kapil Sibal equipped a formula for reservation to PAAS leaders, your statement that a “silly formula had been equipped to fools” turned into controversial, as insulting your neighborhood.

I had stated the Supreme Court, via varied judgments, has made it determined that there could well per chance additionally be no reservation previous the existing ceiling (50% reservation limit). Despite luminous this, a correctly-identified criminal much like Kapil Sibal had equipped a formula. He himself is conscious of that this would per chance per chance also be struck down in one allure. But to steal political advantage, he misled everybody. The Congress, even till this minute, has peaceable not made the formula public. When this kind of mountainous criminal much, after luminous Supreme Court judgments, offer a formula then it’s some distance making fools out of those fellows who are phase of their [PAAS] core neighborhood. I didn’t negate anything else insulting about our neighborhood.

The Congress has also questioned your style model and has alleged that ‘vikas’ has long gone furious. Your response?

If they are stopping an election, they wish to instruct something for campaigning. You is also travelling across the Instruct and likewise it’s possible you’ll per chance per chance delight in got to thrill in viewed how much the roads are. Glance at our energy discipline, look at our water offer or our agriculture. We delight in the correct of ideal infrastructure in Gujarat. Whether or not it’s some distance a tribal village or a much-off phase of the Instruct, every phase has much connectivity and much infrastructure.

Rahul Gandhi is campaigning onerous in Gujarat this time. His rallies are being correctly attended and it’s some distance being stated that participants are listening to what he has to instruct. How carry out you see it?

Even on this small village, folks of all ages delight in reach — from teenagers to seniors. So folks reach to note him as correctly on the replacement hand it would not mean that they’re going to vote. And the Congress also gets folks from ‘outside’ to thrill in its conferences. When a pacesetter or an actor comes, folks reach to note them on the replacement hand it doesn’t mean they’re going to obtain fortify. Even one day of Indira ji’s time there faded to be folks. Sonia Gandhi also faded to reach to Gujarat in most cases but now we had been ruling the Instruct for 22 years.

In recent cases, they’ve misplaced eight Instruct elections and further right now, they bought wiped out in Uttar Pradesh. Last week, in civic polls, they misplaced even Amethi that has been with them for the closing 50 years.

Mr. Gandhi hasn’t stated anything else about that. It’s miles obvious that participants in the intervening time wish to note work and not walk by name by myself.

The Congress and Mr. Gandhi delight in raised the scenario of impress upward push or ‘monghvari’ in Gujarati and folks are connecting with the scenario. What’s your steal?

Label upward push has two parts. A farmer desires much impress for his construct and the user desires the the same at minimal impress. As a government, it’s some distance our responsibility to arrange both. Many a time when there could be a non permanent surge, it naturally applies to all equally. It’s miles not as if prices delight in long gone up on tale of there could be a BJP government in Gujarat.

In Karnataka, there could be a Congress government and tomatoes, potatoes and onions would be in the same style priced. Or in Kerala the keep there could be a Communist government, prices of greens would be equal.

How many seats will the BJP obtain in these elections?

We delight in already permitted the scenario of a hundred and fifty plus seats. We delight in finished much work and folks’s faith and fortify are with us.

You don’t specialise in there could be anti-incumbency?

We don’t delight in anti-incumbency as now we delight in delivered. Governments that don’t work delivery feeling anti-incumbency however our ministers, MLAs, workers all walk and work amongst the folks. No one can instruct us that now we delight in reach to the folks after 5 years. We firmly specialise in that we can be able to obtain a hundred and fifty seats.

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