Todrick Corridor defends Taylor Swift in opposition to ‘huge assumption’ she voted for Trump


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Taylor Swift’s safe friend Todrick Corridor says these that rob the “Discover about What You Made Me Design” singer supports President Donald Trump are making a “huge assumption.”

“Taylor has never to my records diagram out and said anything about her being educated-Trump,” Corridor said to Yahoo! in an interview about the backlash to his appearance within the “Discover about What You Made Me Design” video. “However of us would quiet rather think that she is the one who is pushing Trump’s agenda. That became one amongst the well-known issues that became tweeted at me, and I’m love, ‘So that you just are mad that you just watched she might maybe maybe encourage Donald Trump? However you’re no longer mad that Kanye has been very openly educated-Trump?’ I don’t trace that.”

Swift remained slightly quiet staunch by final one year’s presidential campaign, set up for an Instagram post on Election Day urging followers to “slip out and VOTE.” (The photo, since deleted in Swift’s pre-Reputation social media purge, became the most-loved Instagram posted on Election Day.) However as diverse pop stars, love Katy Perry and Girl Gaga, rallied around Hillary Clinton, Swift’s lack of public encourage for the Democratic nominee became wondered. The singer has no longer commented on Trump’s presidency but did tweet in encourage of the Females’s March in January after Trump’s inauguration.

In his interview with Yahoo!, Corridor said he didn’t want to talk for Swift, but outlined how she’s consistently been an even safe friend — and has previously been engaged about considerations with social justice. “I’ve never felt love there became ever a 2nd that I couldn’t be myself, and explain about the indisputable reality that I’m homosexual or whatever,” Corridor said. “At Thanksgiving, we all sat around and talked about it, and there became one more one amongst her friends there who became African-American, and we all sat down and talked about racism and watched 13th on Netflix [Ava DuVernay’s Oscar-nominated documentary] and talked about how significant it became. It became one amongst basically the most honorable conversations I’ve ever had, because customarily as an African-American individual I have confidence love I’m in a position to’t suppose my conception about how advanced it is miles to be no longer safe an African-American individual within the leisure industry, but how upsetting it is miles to be dim in America, in even 2017.”

Corridor is largely the most modern participant within the “Discover about What You Made Me Design” video to protect Swift — and tackle a shot at rapper Kanye West within the diagram. Director Joseph Kahn called out West and his wife, Kim Kardashian West, on Twitter this week for their supposed Trump encourage.

West previously said he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have solid a ballotfor Trump. The Lifetime of Pablo rapper additionally met with Trump after Trump’s inauguration.

Final one year, Kardashian West became quoted as announcing she became “on the fence” about the election, but later threw her encourage within the encourage of Clinton. On social media, Kardashian West has been serious of Trump — at the side of fair currently joking that her daughter North will most doubtless be the next president.

Per Corridor, in all likelihood Swift might maybe maybe sometime be as outspoken as a couple of of her friends — though he doubted even that might maybe maybe maybe engender acceptance online. “Per chance sometime, Taylor will start being successfully-organized-political, and the utilization of her suppose to fabricate the issues that folk deem that she should always be doing,” he said. “However even then, she it will most doubtless be ridiculed for no longer being vocal sufficient, or no longer being on the lawful aspect. I don’t deem that there is a technique to tackle in this industry, so every one has to tackle their very hold hump at their very hold bound, at their very hold time, and manufacture what they feel love is lawful. All I do know is that Taylor has been nothing but candy to me since day one, and if she asks me to fabricate a video, I’m completely going be there.”

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