‘Valor’ celebrity Matt Barr teases a ‘very ambitious’ episode 5

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Describing an episode of the CW’s defense force drama Valor as “motion-packed” would possibly per chance well presumably sound pretty on par for a series that follows an elite unit of particular-ops helicopter pilots. There’s been heaps motion (on and off the battlefield) in each episode of the whine’s first season to this level — not to set a evident conspiracy and a full bunch of secrets. Nonetheless, Matt Barr (who plays Captain Leland Gallo) guarantees that episode 5 is the one to ogle out for.

“It is miles a gigantic, very ambitious, motion-packed episode,” Barr tells EW. “Gallo in actuality has to step up, be the chief, and in actuality safe care of his group.” After we left them after episode 4, Gallo and his co-pilot, Warrant Officer Nora Madani (Christina Ochoa), had bustle into a tiny of a effort: A warlord prisoner who used to be to be traded for an American POW died all straight away of their Shadowy Hawk earlier than the synthetic would possibly per chance well presumably be made. “He does one thing in actuality, in actuality brave and it turns into this gigantic arc for him,” Barr says. “It’s true a trim-cool and thrilling episode.”

No longer that Valor fans would possibly per chance well just mute be taken aback to transfer wanting Gallo step up when wanted. Despite his relaxed demeanor (he even confirmed as much as an 8-mile bustle tipsy), he is conscious of when to toe the dual carriageway. “Yeah, he comes all the design thru as this sky cowboy,” Barr says. “But I in actuality private this thought of him that he’s true relish the fellows I grew up staring at in motion photography and TV. They all had this trivial, reckless edge, but they had the suitable lawful compass too.”

Just a few episodes into the season, Gallo and Madani are mute facing PTSD from a fresh failed mission. As if that wasn’t sufficient, they now want to deal with the prying eyes of the CIA and stick with the conceal-up narrative they got here up with after their chook went down in Somalia. “Gallo’s learned to positioned on a front to safe a private a look at and address the stress of it,” says Barr. “He makes exercise of humor and he drinks and has that façade correct now, but constructing in actuality shortly we delivery as much as whine what’s eating away at him. There’s a flashback sequence the save we glimpse that one thing sizable took space to Gallo years in the past that be conscious of defines, in moderately numerous methods, who he is and why he acts the manner he does.”

Just a few episodes deeper into the season, the whine deals with a storyline pertaining to sexual assault in the defense force. “It’s gigantic after we can lift awareness to right-existence issues,” Barr says. “It gives us the chance to coach without being preachy. Even at the same time as you even safe away the defense force and the mission, there’s mute so powerful to unpack that makes the whine relatable. It’s about human beings and how their lives and relationships are impacted by the field around them.”

Valor airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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