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Virginia exact decertified its most hackable voting machines

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Following a vote on Friday by the Virginia Bid Board of Elections, the recount will select decisive action to be determined the integrity of its voting machines. Virginia’s election supervisors salvage advised 22 localities to abandon their existing machines at as soon as, citing dangers inherent in the top most likely diagram they account votes.

“The Department of Elections believes that the dangers introduced by the usage of this equipment in the November Abnormal Election are sufficiently major to warrant instantaneous decertification to be determined the persisted integrity of Virginia elections,” Department of Elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés mentioned in a memo accompanying the resolution.

Particularly, the Virginia Department of Elections cited security learn from the most contemporary DefCon in its resolution:

“As security threats in opposition to election programs salvage elevated, the Department has grown more vigilant referring to skill threats in opposition to voting equipment. In this environment, DefCon, an annual conference of hackers, promoted the “Vote casting Machine Hacking Village” at which multiple voting machines, mostly DREs, salvage been made readily accessible. Extra than one styles of DREs, a pair of of that are in the intervening time in use in Virginia, salvage been hacked according to public stories from DefCon.”

The central enviornment is that Virginia’s touchscreen equipment, identified as insist-recording electronic (DRE) voting machines, didn’t salvage a paper poke — one of many most sturdy if stale-normal safeguards in opposition to skill vote tampering. Verified Vote casting, a company that displays voting equipment explains how these machines work:

“… Utilizing one of three fundamental interfaces (pushbutton, touchscreen or dial) voters account their votes at as soon as into computer memory. The voter’s choices are saved in DREs by strategy of a memory cartridge, diskette or clean card and added to the choices of all diversified voters. An alphabetic keyboard is steadily supplied with the entry tool to enable for the numerous of write-in votes, despite the indisputable truth that with older objects right here is serene completed manually.

DRE programs also can also be illustrious generally by the interface all over which the voter level to her choices… Some DREs also can also be equipped with Voter Verified Paper Audit Path (VVPAT) printers that enable the voter to verify their choices on an honest paper account sooner than recording their votes into computer memory.”

Because they’ll’t be checked in opposition to a paper account, these voting programs form it practically inconceivable to detect suspicious activity. Because the outline above notes, some DRE machines are paired with an extra tool that can account votes to paper, but Virginia’s programs didn’t salvage this extra security measure.

The resolution is accessible in time to get the recount’s voting programs sooner than its upcoming recount and governor’s races on November 7.

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