Within the contemporary trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The Post, a free press is threatened by a U.S. president

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“The manner they lied, as of late must be over.”

The contemporary trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The Post, which debuts Dec. 22, holds up history like a deep, sad just replicate.

Correct months after our sitting president attacked the free press as “the enemy of of the American of us” and started relentlessly disparaging as “fraudulent news” all reporting that doesn’t celebrate him, Spielberg takes a judge back to the summer season of 1971 when one other American president shattered norms by taking circulation to silence the media.

Thousands of pages of secret paperwork concerning the U.S. involvement in Vietnam, documenting from the tip of World War II till 1967, were leaked to The New York Instances, which started publishing them in a series that grew to change into known as The Pentagon Papers. President Richard Nixon responded to the leak by securing a court docket mutter that barred the newspaper from publishing after handiest a handful of reports were printed.

That’s where Spielberg’s film picks up as The Washington Post, headed by publisher Katherine Graham (Meryl Streep) and editor Ben Bradlee (Tom Hanks), must grapple with whether or no longer to originate publishing the reviews themselves — on the likelihood of garnering the identical swift shut down, or worse, if the Nixon administration made up our minds to carry out an instance of them.

It’s an “I am Spartacus” narrative, with The Washington Post, which affords the film its title, standing up in enhance when a fellow newsletter used to be in likelihood. It’s a narrative of competitors uniting to defy an onslaught none of them could per chance per chance weather on my own. It’s a narrative about why it’s higher to understand than no longer, why some secrets and programs which could per chance be in the leadership’s curiosity are no longer in the nation’s curiosity.

Even though America learned this lesson Forty six years ago, it couldn’t wretchedness to fetch a refresher.

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