Wrestle for Mandi: father, son and scam


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The Mandi Meeting constituency in Himachal Pradesh has shot to the limelight as the BJP has fielded Anil Sharma, son of the outdated Union Minister Sukh Ram, after he defected from the Congress.

Mr. Sharma, the Rural Vogue Minister within the Virbhadra Singh executive except three weeks ago, is now locked in a alive to contest with Congress nominee Champa Thakur, daughter of Explain Successfully being Minister and birthday celebration stalwart Kaul Singh Thakur.

Mr. Sharma is banking on the goodwill his father has within the dwelling, nonetheless the opponents are raking up the “immoral” past of Mr. Ram, Ninety two, in reference to the telecom scam of the Nineties.

The BJP, nonetheless, will look to take advantage of Mr. Ram’s clout within the space as he can swing about a seats, that would perhaps perhaps be important to take vitality within the 68-member Himachal Pradesh Meeting.

The Mandi seat was as soon as represented by Sukh Ram from 1962 to November 1984, when he was as soon as elected to the Lok Sabha. His protege, D.D. Thakur, won the seat in 1985, while the BJP wrested the seat from him in 1990.

In the 1993 Meeting ballot, Mr. Sharma won from Mandi. After Mr. Ram’s title surfaced within the telecom scam, he was as soon as expelled from the Congress and he fashioned the Himachal Vikas Congress.

As he started his campaign early on Sunday, Mr. Sharma was as soon as greeted with garlands as he entered an urban locality within the sixty three,000-valid voters.

Appealing to folk to toughen the hands of the BJP and vote for him, Mr. Sharma suggested them, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP salvage ushered in a recent generation of construction and now it is Himachal’s turn to reap advantages.”

Past glories

“My father and I truly salvage nurtured this constituency for the past decades. We introduced a different of construction projects to the space,” he talked about.

Pandjitji, as the outdated Union Minister is popularly called, is bitter about Mr. Virbhadra Singh. “He disgraced many leaders within the birthday celebration including my son. He is working like a dictator and even blackmails the Congress excessive assure for self originate,” Mr. Ram alleged. Echoing his father’s sentiment, Mr. Sharma alleged that he and his father had been omitted and sidelined within the Congress.

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